B2B on Twitter: 5 Simple Steps

So what can a B2B-focused company do on Twitter to increase everything from brand awareness and familiarity to actual sales?  Just follow these few simple steps to get well on your way down the road to social media success.

  1. First develop a Twitter presence for your company.  Make a profile and use it. You want to be available to answer questions and share useful insights about your industry, thereby positioning yourselves as thought leaders. You also want to appear media savvy, so putting forward bright employees with an interest in social media is key.
  2. Second, get to know your community. Twitter is about developing relationships, so really get to know who within your industry is present and active on Twitter.
  3. Monitor conversations with keywords specific to your industry and services. Absolutely monitor your company’s name and any conversations mentioning you. Participate in these conversations with the utmost of customer service acumen, ameliorating any concerns and directing the conversation toward useful topics and conclusions.
  4. Follow your present clients who are on Twitter. This will enhance the relationship between consumer and brand as well as convert present clients into evangelists on Twitter. They will spread your brand within their own spheres of influence and online in general.
  5. Finally, drive traffic to your website by linking to it while highlighting relevant information, running promotions, sales, discounts or anything that attracts the right kind of attention.  Keep these kinds of tweets in the minority. One out of every 10 tweets or so, or maybe even only once a week.

All of these things will help any B2B company to develop their brand, engage with others online and drive attention to their products and services, ultimately leading to sales.  One last handy tip is to create a connection with social media professionals and marketers who author blogs and articles on the subject. They’re a constant source of useful insights and advice, and they’re almost always available on Twitter. We recommend @SeamusMcK, mostly because he’s writing this. Get at him!

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