Headlines and Insight: The Conflict of Information

With headlines like “Fannie Mae: Americans worried economy is on wrong track” and “Fannie Mae: Housing recovery slows down as consumers remain wary to enter market” coming at us every day, what is one to think of the resilience of the American housing market when concurrent headlines also read “increasing Housing permits indicate stability” and “Housing improves on Obama Administration scorecard?”

Every day, on all media, we are bombarded by often times conflicting headlines whose information frequently becomes obscured by somewhat arcane information and statistics. While numbers can be used to instill fear or security, where the numbers come from and whether or not each source has their own agenda become paramount to their informational reliability.  

While governmental administrations come and go, the housing industry remains, and a solid mix of government and independent organizations and departments can help to flesh out an otherwise ominous and confusing housing market.  Here are a few key indicators that we recommend:

  1. The Standard & Poor's Case–Shiller Home Price Indices are repeat-sales house price indices for the United States. There are multiple Case–Shiller home price indices: A national home price index, a 20-city composite index, a 10-city composite index, and twenty individual metro area indices.[1]
  2. The Department of Housing and Urban Development administers programs that provide housing and community development assistance. HUD officials testify before Congress regularly.    
  3. National Association of Realtors provides research and statistics from their industry.
  4. U.S. Census Bureau has a New Residential Construction survey.
  5. Mortgage Bankers Association has an up-to-date news section, where we specifically recommend reading instances where MBA officials testify before congress.

What other key primary news sources for our industry do you rely on and why? Leave a comment below.







[1] Wikipedia






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