Hidden Treasure: Reverse Focus’ Weekly Podcast

Every now and then we are reminded that social media exists to facilitate connections between people. It’s the people who run the social media aspects of a business who are tasked with facilitating industry communication in a way that not only gets a message across, but does so in a way that grants a sense of familiarity and a bit of personality to that company or brand. So allow us to share with you one small aspect of our personality here at Landmark Network: we like lots of info and functionality in one handy spot. That’s why we designed our own software. It’s why we rolled a massive list of RSS feeds into a soon to be defunct feed reader (Thanks for that one, Google.)

Every day we scour the internet, devouring article after article, the occasional blog, and assorted news sources covering everything from goings-on on capitol hill to industry events within the greater housing and financial markets. This naturally takes a bit of time. We’re also fans of social media: blogs, podcasts, vlogs, tweets, you name it. The slightly sad part of this fact is that social media is still noticeably in its infancy within the mortgage and even more niche reverse mortgage sectors. Finding something worthwhile is akin to finding a parking spot in Manhattan: prime real estate and usually fleeting. Imagine then the immense sense of satisfaction we get from seeing this all done right within one spot in our industry on a regular basis. Now allow us to give that feeling a name: Reverse Focus’ Weekly Podcast.

Reverse Focus puts out a weekly podcast that essentially plucks the highlights out of an endless sea of evolving information and packages them all into lovely little 6 minute-ish podcasts. It’s the ideal way to start your Monday, perfectly complementing your first cup of coffee, and our CEO is a fan of the Friday reports as well. Registering on the site is free and will quickly put you in touch with an organization that clearly has its ear to the ground and a finger on the pulse of congressional developments.

It’s consistent. It’s current. It’s a podcast. It’s everything you can’t find anywhere else in this industry and it’s one of the more promising indications that social media and the mortgage industry can and do work together. Give them a listen and let us know what you think. You won’t be disappointed.

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