Landmark Network, Inc. Enhances Appraisal Quality With RealView® Technology Integration

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North Hollywood, September 18, 2014 – National appraisal management company and technology provider Landmark Network, Inc. and Platinum Data Solutions, a provider of collateral valuation and risk assessment technologies, have completed an integration between Platinum Data’s RealView® appraisal quality software and Landmark’s proprietary appraisal management cloudware, Landscape™. This integration further enables Landmark Network and its clients to rapidly process and analyze appraisals for compliance, completeness, and consistency with industry and client-focused guidelines.

Landscape™ is a secure, web based appraisal ordering and management platform that enables both lenders and AMCs to take control of their appraisal process. With its advanced integration, scalability and extensibility, RealView® helps fine-tune and accelerate the appraisal review process for each client. Its multi-faceted platform customization allows for flexible configuration of the platform into any workflow, LOS, or system. Landmark Network, Inc. and Platinum Data completed the integration in order to provide Landscape™ users seamless access to the industry leading appraisal analysis and rules engine.

“With the constantly evolving governmental regulation of the mortgage industry, Landmark Network has always taken a lead on compliance. We’re proud to maintain our lead with the integration of our industry’s most powerful business rules engine, RealView®,” said Landmark Network CEO, Erik Richard.

This integration is included in the newest release of Landscape™, now available to lenders and AMCs, allows for automatic processing of the ReaView® report upon appraisal upload. Once processed, the RealView® findings are fed directly back into Landscape™ and displayed in checklist format for secondary review. Lastly, any issues found during the review are displayed in a pre-populated email that is sent directly to the appraiser for addressing upon approval.

“Its appraisal performance tracking is the perfect complement to the volume and efficiency of Landscape™,” said Hunter Gorog, COO and President of Landmark Network, Inc. “RealView® is extremely thorough and detailed on a level we are used to manually providing to our clients. We are excited to be able to do even more for them with the integration of this software.”

About Landmark Network:

Landmark Network, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based appraisal management company offering a full range of national valuation and technology solutions. With a branch office in New Jersey and an east coast operations center in Maine, Landmark stands apart by paying premium rates and selecting appraisers based on the specifics of each assignment. Landmark Network, Inc. has been showcased within Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies for three years running; and was most recently named a Top 50 Service Provider by Mortgage Executive Magazine.





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