Landmark Network’s TriMerge BPO™ Product off to Strong Start

LOS ANGELES, CA (March 29, 2012) –– Landmark Network’s Alternative Valuation division today announced the TriMerge BPO™ and MarkIt Value™ products have experienced high growth over the past 6 months.  Launched in October 2011, TriMerge BPO™ is designed to offer you the expert insight of three independent valuations in one report.  TriMerge BPO™ automatically analyzes the agents’ estimates as well as 18 MLS comparables to produce one synchronized value; therefore resulting in a more reliable market value unparalleled by a traditional single BPO. “The initial success of TriMerge BPO have been very exciting, we’re seeing high adoption by our current client base and also new segments looking for increased valuation accuracy for loan pools and distressed/non-performing loans.” said Erik Richard, CEO.

Landmark Network is a premier provider of national appraisal management services for the forward and reverse mortgage markets, and specializes in advanced and alternative valuation products for mortgage and investment professionals.  The company is committed to becoming a trusted business partner with clients seeking greater valuation accuracy at a lower cost.  In addition to TriMerge BPO™, Landmark offers a range of products including a standard MarkIt Value™ report providing the opinion of one agent.

“There is a large opportunity for special servicers and investment professionals who purchase loan pools to dramatically increase the accuracy of their pricing model values.” said Hunter Gorog, President & COO.  “In 4 days, Landmark can provide a TriMerge BPO™ report for every loan in your pool, delivering an unprecedented level of detail that includes an exterior inspection of each property.”

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