Top 10-ish Blogs and Sites for Reverse Mortgage News

In our never-ending quest for knowledge, we constantly scour the Internet for information relating to the reverse mortgage Industry, which more often than not leads to current events in the greater mortgage, housing and lending industries.  It can take quite a bit of time to discover, evaluate and assimilate many of the industry’s voices, so to help out those whose interests are the same as ours, we’d like to direct our readers to the following list of blogs and sites pertaining to the greater reverse mortgage industry.

  1. Reverse Mortgage Daily:  This is the #1 reverse mortgage news source, by far.  They scour every possible news source online and in print and sum it all up for you.  I don’t think Elizabeth Ecker, their most prolific reporter, actually sleeps.  It’s certainly the most on-point, relevant and timely publication out there for the reverse mortgage industry.
  2. Housing Wire: Housing Wire has everything.  It encompasses the entire mortgage industry, housing industry and anything even tangentially related.  It’s a great resource that gives you a better understanding of the bigger picture of the housing and lending industries.
  3. Wall Street Journal Blog:  This is certainly more general and broad of scope than just the reverse mortgage industry, or even the mortgage industry itself, but it’s still one of the places to find information first.  Lots of reverse mortgage-specific news sources pull information from WSJ’s blogs, and there are quite a number of them.  Nick Timiraos is one of their housing reporters whom we recommend following on Twitter.
  4. Inman News: This is a great site for a smattering of news and developments covering pretty much everything.  You never know what you'll find, but you'll definitely find something interesting.
  5. The M Report: This site is specific to the mortgage industry and covers pretty much everything going on.  It is completely worth adding to your RSS feeds. The articles are short and to the point, so you can absolutely peruse it with a cup of coffee in one hand. In fact, we recommend it.
  6. Banker and Tradesman: B&T has constant stats on Real estate, lending, etc… and their articles are also quite useful and timely. Our CEO turned us on to this one and we’ve found it to be regularly useful.
  7. The Niche Report: There are plenty of market assessment and speculation articles in this blog.  It’s not updated too frequently, but it’s worth a glance every week, which is fine by us.  More diamond, less rough.
  8. Housing and Urban Development (HUD)’s press releases: Their press releases are very infrequent, but when they happen, they are almost always newsworthy.  Add this to your RSS feed for sure and just wait for it to have new information.
  9. In a tie for 9th place, we present two actual reverse mortgage blogs:

    1. All Reverse Mortgage Company:  It’s updated regularly, has timely articles and won an RMD award in 2011.  Certainly worth a look for anything you might have missed above.
    2. The Reverse Mortgage Advisor Blog: This one is a bit rough, with some errors in their website’s coding, but as long as you can look right past that, you’ll find regular articles with current events.
  10. In position number 10, we’d like to place 3 equal websites that amount to essentially the same thing: big news corporation real estate sites that are undoubtedly very useful.

    1. New York Times Real Estate: While they don’t have an actual blog about real estate specifically, you’ll certainly find regular useful articles on the main site covering a host of topics relevant to the real estate and lending industries.
    2. CNN Real Estate: If anything worthy of note happens within the reverse mortgage industry, articles about it will be found here almost immediately.
    3. MSN Finance: This one is very similar to Yahoo! Finance. Typical Internet giant news area.  The articles aren't too in-depth, but they’re often useful.

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